Egyptian air forces, navy and police are participating in Operation Sinai 2018

Ahmed Eleiba , Friday 9 Feb 2018

Snapshot from video released by the Egyptian army of the launch of Comprehensive OPeration Sinai 2018 on 9 February 2018

Egypt's armed forces released a second communique on Friday afternoon on Operation Sinai 2018, soon after a first announcing a new major counter-terrorism operation to purge the country of terrorism.

The second communique by the General Command of the Armed Forces, which was also read by military spokesman Colonel Tamer El-Rafei in a televised statement, gave details of Operation Sinai 2018, which El-Rafei had announced in the first communique.

"Great people of Egypt, in a continuation of law enforcement forces' efforts, elements of our air forces targeted some of the pits, hideouts, and  ammunition and weapons warehouses used by terrorist elements as a base to target the law enforcement forces and civilian targets in North and Central Sinai,” he said.

“Units from the naval forces are also tightening the security on the sea front, with the aim of cutting all supply lines to terrorist elements."

"The border guard forces and civilian police are also tightening security procedures at borders and on navigational courses."

"Joints elements from the armed forces and the police are also tightening the security procedures at vital ports and areas in different areas of the republic,” he said."

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