Sonson is pregnant: Giza Zoo expects arrival of baby giraffe

Nada Mahgoub, Friday 23 Feb 2018

Sonson, the expecting mother giraffe (Photo: Ayman Barayez)

Jubilant air filled the Giza Zoo on Thursday after the announcement that the zoo’s giraffe Sonson is pregnant.

The zoo’s medical team told Ahram Online that a sonar test has shown that both the mother and child are in good health.

The medical team is giving the pregnant giraffe all the necessary medical care, and are feeding it lettuce, carrots and apples.

The happy event followed the death of the male giraffe Yaso due to a heart attack three weeks ago.

Visitors to the zoo have been expressing their happiness since the arrival of a baby deer, goat and horse, and the announcement of the giraffe’s pregnancy has filled Giza Zoo with visitors for two consecutive days. 

The visitors of the Cairo Zoo and the giraffe Sonson (Photo: Ayman Barayez)

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