(VIDEO): Egyptian military police attacks protesters in Tahrir Square, builds new wall

Saturday 17 Dec 2011

Eyewitnesses say the military and plain-clothed men beat protesters and medics while clearing Tahrir Square; Video shows Egyptian security forces attacking protesters; army builds new concrete barrier


The military has started on Saturday afternoon to build a concrete-block wall to close off the Qasr El-Ainy Street entrance to Tahrir Square.

Clashes between the military and protesters have been ongoing for two days, ever since the military police violently evacuated the Cabinet sit-in Friday morning.

The attack left nine dead and over 344 injured. 

This is the second wall to be built following violent clashes in the area. The last wall was also built to block an entrance to Tahrir Square, from Mohamed Mahmoud Street, where the military also attacked and clashed with protesters, killing 40 and injuring over a thousand in November.

Bel Trew, a journalist, told Ahram Online from the scene of Tahrir Square that security forces had attacked protesters with batons since the early morning hours of Saturday. Trew also said that she heard what sounded to her like gunshots but did not see guns.

According to Trew, the military stormed the square and took over Tahrir chasing protesters down to Abd El-Monem Riad, Talaat Harb Square and Qasr El-Nil Bridge.

Trew added that the military were guided by plain-clothed men assisting them to beat up protesters. Paramedics were also assaulted by the military as they were evacuating a field hospital near the Omar Makram Mosque.

Meanwhile, Salma Said, a rights activist, tweets that army personnel have forced ambulances away from the field hospital in Omar Makram Mosque.

An injured protester also told CBC TV that army electrocuted him and confiscated his camera.

Lina Megahed, an activist, tweets that army has attacked protesters and that she is hiding in the Sadat (Tahrir Square) metro station unable to escape the area.

Sources told Ahram Online that military personnel have entered an apartment in a building that overlooks the square and confiscated cameras.

A building belonging to the Ministry of Transportation located right next to Parliament and Cabinet buildings, which has been burning since Friday night had completely caught fire earlier Saturday.

Several young protesters could be seen in video footage aired by Al-Jazeera Mubasher Misr trying to put out the fire.

Clashes between protesters and army soldiers who are stationed near the cabinet headquarters has continued all day Saturday.


A video shot by a resident of the area captures the tense moments in the Square:

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