Egyptian and Pakistani naval forces embark on joint exercises in the Mediterranean

Ahmed Eleiba , Thursday 13 Sep 2018

Egyptian and Pakistani naval units during the exercise (Photo: Egypt's Army

Units from the Egyptian and Pakistani naval forces carried out transcontinental maritime training in the Mediterranean during the recent visit of Pakistan's vessel, SAIF PNS, to Egypt. This comes as part of the General Command's plan to strengthen military cooperation relations between the two friendly countries.

The training included implementation of sailing formations, inspection of suspect vessels, training on the take-off and landing of helicopters on top of joint naval units, as well as night navigation exercises.

The training aims to standardise operational concepts, and enable the transfer and exchange of expertise with the purpose of supporting efforts to achieve stability and maritime security in the region.

Alongside the training, a number of Egyptian crew members and the Pakistani military attaché placed a wreath on the tomb of a fallen unknown soldier in Alexandria.

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