Programme: Music, film and more at Cairo's Tashweesh festival

Ahram Online, Friday 9 Nov 2018

The programme includes six days of diverse events, all sparking conversations about women and gender


Tashweesh, Cairo's new multidisciplinary festival centred on feminism, opens on 9 November with a six-day programme of music concerts, theatre and dance performances, talks and lectures, slam poetry, film screenings, and video art.

The event aims to stimulate conversations on feminism, and act as a platform for knowledge exchange as it bring forth questions like: "How can we shake up the stereotypes on women, women representation and gender on both sides of the Mediterranean? How do feminists think about such a question artistically and academically? And what does actually come out of a joint conversation on these issues?"

A segment of Tashweesh titled Behind the Screen includes film screenings held at Cimatheque, as well as a video art exhibition at Medrar gallery curated by Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, the director of Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art, and head of the Berlinale Forum Expanded programme.

The Medrar exhibition includes 40 video artworks by artists from Germany, Egypt, Jordan, and USA. It is considered part of the film programme which runs in parallel at Cimatheque between 1 and 6 November, with 31 international films.

Tashweesh will conclude with a concert by Huda Asfour on 12 November.

The festival is organised by the Goethe Institute in Cairo, and admissions to all events are free. All events are at Goethe Institute in Cairo unless otherwise noted.


Tuesday 6 November

Opening of the video exhibition Behind the Screen
Medrar for Contemporary Art

Thursday 8 November

Music: Balqeis (Oud)
Film: Wa Wailah/Oh Torment by Monira Al-Qadiri
Opening statements by the organisers

Theatre: Museum of Lungs by Laila Soliman (requires registration)
Jesuit Theatre

Friday 9 November


Der Subjektive Faktor
Helke Sander (Federal Republic of Germany, 1980/81)
138 min, German with English subtitles

Suspended Freedom
May El-Hossamy (Egypt, 2011)
11 min, Arabic with English subtitles

Linge Sur Terrasse / Linen On Terrace
Fadma Kaddouri
Morocco/France 2007
3 min, no dialogue

Four Women, Chapter 1
Cristina Perincioli (Federal Republic of Germany, 1972)
27 min, German with English subtitles

Lecture: They Refuse, but Still Desire It, by Salma El Tarzi
60 min, Arabic with English translation

Performance: Divine Comedy-“Enchanted Body” by Fatima Mazmouz
30 min

Performance: Heroes by Khouloud Yassin
40 min

Artist Talk: Fatima Mazmouz and Khouloud Yassin, moderated by Nedjma Hadj Benchelabi
30 min

Music: Klabb by DJ Deena Abdelwahed
90 min

Saturday 10 November

Short films:

Home Stories
Matthias Müller (Germany,1991)
6 min (no dialogue)

B Face
Laila Albayaty (Belgium/Germany, 2015)
40 min, English and French

Joyce Wieland (Canada,1967)
6 min (no dialogue)

La Souriante Madame Beudet
Germaine Dulac (France, 1923)
35 min, with Eunice Martins On the

Reading: Kayfa Ta: On Motherhood And Its Ghost, by Iman Mersal, with German by Laila Chammaa

Lecture performance: Wish You Were Here! by Foundland Collective

Poetry Slam: Mira Hamdi, Choman Hardi, Mona Moon, Samira Saleh, Dima Matta

Music: Jolly Goods Band

Sunday 11 November

Short films:

Whaled Women
Ewa Einhorn/Jeuno Je Kim (Sweden, 2012)
9 min, Swedish with English subtitles

Serious Ladies
Susanne Sachsse (Germany, 2013)
21 min (German/English mix)

Wa Wailah / Oh Torment
Monira Al Qadiri (Kuwait, 2008)
10 min, Arabic with English subtitles

The Craft
Monira Al Qadiri (Kuwait, 2017)
16 min English with Arabic Subtitles

Lecture: Transnational Justice and Gendered Vulnerability:
Feminist Politics and (Im)Possible Solidarities, by Nikita Dhawan

Performance: Leila’s Death by Ali Chahrour
Falaki Theater

Monday 12 November

Short films:

Haris Epaminonda (Cyprus, 2006)
4 min, no dialogue

Have You Ever Killed a Bear? Or Becoming Jamila
Marwa Arsanios (Lebanon, 2014)
25 min, Arabic with English subtitles

The Making of a Demonstration
Sandra Schäfer (Germany, 2004)
11 min, Dari/German with Arabic Subtitles

Performance: Confessions of an Actress by Susanne Sachsse (2017)
15 min

Performance: In My Place by Amira Chebli (Tunisia)
30 min

Performance Reading: Baba, Come To Me by Farah Barqawi
20 min

Artist Talk: With Farah Barqawi and Amira Chebli, moderated by Nedjma Hadj Benchelabi

Closing concert: Huda Asfour

Medrar for Contemporary Art, Apt. 4, 1st Floor, 7 Gamal El-Din Abou El-Mahasen, Garden City
Jesuit Theater, 15 El-Mahrany St., Fagalah
Falaki Theater, 24 Falaki Street, Bab El-Louq, Downtown

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