Egyptian antiquities minister takes ambassadors to visit newly discovered tomb in Saqqara

Nevine El-Aref , Saturday 13 Apr 2019

The tomb of a Fifth Dynasty nobleman named Khuwy in Saqqara was discovered earlier this month

wall paintings

Minister of Antiquities Khaled El-Enany on Saturday toured Saqqara necropolis with a group of 52 foreign ambassadors and cultural attachés, to inspect a newly discovered tomb of a dignitary from the reign of king Djedkare.

Well-known Egyptian actress Yosra was also on the tour, which she described as “thrilling.”

the newly discovered tomb

The tomb of Khuwy was discovered earlier this month.

El-Enany and Waziri inside the tomb

The tomb of the Fifth Dynasty dignitary was discovered earlier this month during an excavation and documentation survey carried out in southern Saqqara.

The tomb consists of a superstructure with an L-shaped offering chamber, which was once decorated with reliefs. Only the bottom part of this decoration is preserved, as the white limestone blocks of the other parts were re-used in the construction of other buildings in antiquity.

Mostafa Waziri, secretary-general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, explained that the mission has found at the north wall of the tomb, the entrance to a unique substructure, which is for the first time clearly inspired by the design of the substructures of the royal pyramids of the Fifth Dynasty.

That part of the tomb starts with a descending corridor, which leads to a vestibule. An entrance in its southern wall gives access to a decorated antechamber. Its decoration represents the tomb owner sitting in front of the offering table on the south and north walls. Moreover, an offering list was depicted on the east wall and the palace-façade on the west wall.

renowned actress Yosra inside the tomb

The mission also discovered the remains of Khuwy, which show clear traces of mummification.

“The discovery of this tomb stresses the importance of Djedkare’s era, and the end of the Fifth Dynasty in general,” said Mohamed Megahed, head of the mission.

artefacts uncovered from the tomb

During the tour on Saturday, El-Enany announced that Egypt will celebrate World Heritage Day next Thursday via the announcement of two new discoveries in Luxor and the completion of the restoration of a colossus of Ramses II colossus at the first pylon of Luxor Temple.

El-Enany also said that the country’s museums and archaeological sites would be free to visit for Egyptians, Africans, Arabs, and foreigners residing in Egypt on Thursday.

French ambassador on site

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