Egypt's military chief-of-staff visits troops in N. Sinai, praises anti-terrorism efforts

Ahmed Eleiba , Saturday 3 Aug 2019

Army chief of staff Farid in N.Sinai
Egypt's army chief of staff Lt General Mohamed Farid shakes hand with a member of army forces in North Sinai (Photo Courtesy Egyptian armed forces spokesman)

Egypt's armed forces Chief-of Staff Lieutenant General Mohamed Farid visited soldiers in North Sinai mandated with executing measures to besiege and eradicate militants, under the forces' counter-terrorism activities.

Farid inspected a number of security checkpoints and the permanent operations unit in the governorate, to follow up on updates on the round-the-clock military operations executed by the anti-terrorism forces.

The chief-of-staff met with the forces, delivering the appreciation of commander-in-chief President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi and Defence Minister General Mohamed Zaki.

Both El-Sisi and Zaki expressed their appreciation for the heroic acts of the forces, which have contributed in uprooting terrorism and restabilising life in North and Central Sinai.

Farid praised the good coordination and cooperation between the armed forces and the police on monitoring and tracing terrorist cells and on successful pre-emptive strikes against terrorist elements.

He stressed that the residents of Sinai are the first line of defence for Egypt's national security.

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