Egypt follows with deep concern Turkish aggression in Syria: Foreign ministry

Ahram Online , Thursday 17 Oct 2019

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated on Thursday that Egypt is following with "deep indignation and concern" the continued Turkish aggression on Syrian territory, which had killed dozens and displaced tens of thousands of people, gravely harming the path for a political solution in Syria.

Egypt praised the European Union for what it described as its "clear stance that affirms [its] rejection and condemnation of the Turkish attacks," according a statement issued by the foreign ministry.

The European Union (EU) has condemned the eight-day-old Turkish aggression on Kurdish fighters in northeastern Syria, with several key EU members, such as France and Germany, halting weapons sales to Ankara.

Egypt was also pleased with US President Donald Trump's stance on Turkey's continued offensive in Syria, the foreign ministry said.

Earlier this week, Trump threatened a set of sanctions against Ankara for any overreach in Syria and has sent Vice President Mike Pence to Turkey for emergency talks on Thursday to urge an end to the Turkish operation.

"Egypt expressed its satisfaction and welcome of the recent position of US President Donald Trump on the developments, namely the obvious American rejection of the ongoing Turkish attacks on Syrian territory and the imposition of initial sanctions on the Turkish regime," the ministry said in a statement on Facebook.

It said Trump's stance proved that he "firmly stands in support of the principles and rules of international legitimacy."

Trump has been criticised at home and internationally for withdrawing US troops from northeastern Syria ahead of the Turkish attacks on the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces, who have been a key ally of Washington in the fight against the Islamic State group.

Turkey has vowed to press ahead with its onslaught in northern Syria which it launched nine days ago despite mounting international calls to halt the attacks.

Following the start of the Turkish attacks in northeastern Syria, Egypt promptly condemned the Turkish aggression, stressing its support for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Syria.
Earlier in the week, an emergency meeting of Arab foreign ministers held at the Arab League in Cairo, which was called by Egypt, condemned the Turkish aggression in Syria and said Arab countries would study the imposition of sanctions against Ankara.
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