Two Egyptians jump off moving train, prosecution investigates

Zeinab El-Gundy , Monday 28 Oct 2019

File photo: Egypt Railways
File photo: Egypt Railways (Al-Ahram)

Egypt's General  Prosecution announced on Monday that it began to investigate officially into the events that led two men to jump from a train while it was moving leading to the death of one of them as they did not have a ticket in Nile Delta.

The prosecution also announced that it began its investigations with the conductor involved in the incident.

Egypt's Railways authority issued a statement about the incident with more details about it. According to the Railways authority , during the trip of train "934" from Alexandria to Luxor on 28 October 2019 , the conductor of the train demanded two passengers of "paying tickets but they refused".

The statement added that while the train began to reduce its speed at a Gharbia governorate train station due to some malfunctions in the signal system in that train station , the two men jumped while the train was on the move which led to the death of one them and the injury of the other.

The two men were transferred to Tanta general hospital, the statement read.

The statement added that the two passengers were street vendors.  

The statement of the Railways authority quoted Egypt's minister of transportation Kamel El-Wazir saying that he would not allow any negligence in the rights of any Egyptian citizens and that he was keen of the lives of all citizens.

The minister added that the current investigations would lead to the truth upon which the proper procedures would be taken.

According to news report , the man killed in the incident is identified as 23-years-old Mohamed Eid who came from Shubra El-Khaima, Qaliubiya while the other man is identified only as 25-years-old.  

Videos of the incident go viral

The incident went viral in Egypt on Monday on social media as alleged videos filmed inside the train after the incident showing the passengers speaking about it hit the internet.  

One of the video shot by a mobile phone, an old man was seen speaking about the incident to the police hotline and about how the conductor told the two men either to pay or leave the train.

In another video shot by a mobile phone, an unidentified man appears speaking on how the conductor forced two people to jump from the train while moving because they did not have tickets nor the fine.

A third video also shot by a mobile photo, the same man appeared speaking a number of people including reportedly a police officer at a train station repeating in the previous video while identifying the conductor who appeared to be detained.

Egyptian newspapers shared the videos reporting the incident at first as a "Conductor forces children to jump from train while moving leading to the death of one of them" before more details about the victims and their personal details appeared. 

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