Egyptian singer Shaaban Abdel-Rehim of 'I Hate Israel' fame dies at 62

Eslam Omar , Tuesday 3 Dec 2019

The Egyptian singer was famous for singing about political and social events, and was widely known for his 2000 hit 'I Hate Israel'

Shaaban Abdel-Rehim
Shaaban Abdel-Rehim was also famous with his colorful and glittering clothes and accessories

Prominent Egyptian shaabi singer Shaaban Abdel-Rehim passed away on Tuesday at a hospital in Cairo after suffering health troubles.

At the age of 62, the singer who is widely known for the songs 'Habattal El-Sagayer' (I'll quit cigarettes) and 'Bakrah Israel' (I hate Israel), was active in recent months, performing in clubs and weddings and appearing in TV shows and video clips.

Despite his long experience of Arabic singing, since the 1980s, Abdel-Rehim focused on recycling the success of a specific melody for which he gained huge fame in 2000, repeating it over and over and making it his signature style.

With most of his lyrics written by Islam Khalil, Abdel-Rehim often commented on trending news and events, with dozens of his songs marked with the word 'eih' in the chorus and ends with 'bas khalas' (that's it).

The popularity of his songs propelled him into acting, commercials, TV series and programs and theatre plays, collaborating with many Egyptian and Arab stars.

Among his movies was Daoud Abdel-Sayed, 2001's acclaimed film 'Mowaten W Mokhber W Haramy (A Citizen, a Detective and a Thief) and Said Hamed's 'Rasha Gare'a' (Dare to give) also in 2001.

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