Egyptian parliament committee urges Libyans to defend their country against Turkish invasion

Gamal Essam El-Din , Sunday 5 Jan 2020

The committee said it will contact the NATO and Mediterranean parliaments to gather as much world support in condemning Turkey's military deployment in Libya

Egyptian parliament

The Egyptian parliament's foreign affairs committee said Turkey's decision to send military troops to Libya to shore up the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated government of Prime Minister Fayez Al-Serraj represents a direct threat to Egypt's national security following an extraordinary meeting on Sunday

The committee's meeting, led by MP Karim Darwish, said it will soon hold communications with the NATO and Mediterranean parliaments to expose the illegitimacy and illegality of the Turkish move and its destabilising effect on the Mediterranean region.

"To achieve this, a sub-committee will be formed to follow up developments in Libya, coordinate positions with NATO, the Mediterranean and world parliaments, and form an international front against Turkey's military aggression," the committee said.

In an official statement, the committee said the Turkish escalation in Libya represents an invasion aimed at imposing hegemony on Libyan territories, and that the move is in violation of UN resolutions on the sovereignty of member states.

"It is an interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign Arab country in flagrant violation of all international covenants and principles," said the statement.

It also said that Turkey's military assault on a "brotherly Arab country" is a direct threat to Arab national security in general and Egyptian national security in particular.

"The Turkish deployment of troops risks plunging Libya into a Syrian-style civil war which terrorist groups and organisations always like to use to proliferate and target other North Africa countries, particularly Egypt," said the statement, adding that "all necessary measures should be taken to preserve Arab interests in face of these threats."

The committee also praised the Libyan parliament's rejection of a recent agreement between Turkey and the Tripoli-based government of Prime Minister Al-Serraj.

"It is important for all the Libyan people, tribes, religious clerics, and officials to unite and mobilise against the Turkish invasion that aims to plunder the fortunes and wealth of Libya.

"This is the best means available to defend the country against Turkish invasion and occupation of Libyan lands," the statement said, also urging the Egyptian people to support their government in taking all measures necessary to protect Egypt's national security.

Egypt's parliament is expected to discuss the 27 November agreement between Turkey and the Al-Serraj government when it reconvenes on 12 January.

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