USAID launches $90 mln initiative on knowledge economy

MENA , Thursday 9 Jan 2020

The US Agency for International Development (USAID) Mission Director in Egypt Sherry Carlin on Thursday announced the lunching of a new research initiative worth USD 90 million to support Cairo's efforts to transfer into the knowledge-based economy. 

Speaking at a symposium organized by Egyptian businessmen, Carlin said that the USAID is cooperating with the Egyptian government in the fields of water, agriculture and energy, with a view to pushing forward economic growth and creating more jobs.

With regard to the higher education sector, the USAID director explained that the agency allocated USD 250 million to develop the skills of Egyptian youth, noting that around 2و000 young talents have received scholarships.

Concerning the agency's partnership with the private sector, she said that the USAID contracted with a private company to enhance Egyptian farmers' standards of living, along with helping the company on how manage its supply chain in a more profitable way.

She added that the USAID is cooperating with the private sector in the areas of vocational education, renewable energy and logistics. 

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