Egyptian parliament's committees urge the government to take more anti-coronavirus measures

Gamal Essam El-Din , Monday 6 Apr 2020

The committees said the government should give more financial incentives to doctors treating coronavirus patients.

A file photo of Egypt's Parliament (Photo: Reuters)

A number of Egypt’s parliament committees submitted recommendations on Sunday regarding measures to stem the spread of the coronavirus.

The health affairs committee said the government should allocate greater financial incentives for doctors and medical teams involved in treating patients infected with the coronavirus.

"The government should also contract retired doctors to join the medical army fighting the coronavirus across the country," said the committee, adding that "the government should also seek novel ways in getting rid of medical waste, which could be a source of infection."

The information technology and telecommunications committee asked the government to increase the hotlines it has set up for citizens to report coronavirus infections.

"It is also advised that the government change the work hours of postal offices to prevent overcrowding," said the committee.

The religious affairs committee said the government should exercise greater control on mosques.

"The government should make sure that mosques are closed at all times, particularly on Fridays, and prevent Zawyas (small mosques) from using megaphones in the call to prayer," the committee said.

The committee of Arab affairs said it has made contact with Egyptian ambassadors in Arab countries to take note of the level to which the coronavirus has infected Egyptians living in these countries.

"The committee has communicated with the foreign ministry to help 100 students in Saudi Arabia and 3,000 students in Sudan to return home as soon as possible," said the committee.

The transport committee asked the government to continue sanitising roads, bridges, ports and airports.

Parliament is scheduled to convene on 12 April, although this may prove difficult if the government extends curfew hours on Wednesday for another two weeks. Parliament speaker Ali Abdel-Aal recently asked the heads of the committees not hold meetings, as this would entail many MPs from different governorates gathering in one place in violation of the anti-coronavirus measures.

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