Egyptian songs celebrate doctors amid coronavirus outbreak

Eslam Omar , Monday 13 Apr 2020

Praising doctors is the rising theme among the trending topics of pop songs in the time of the coronavirus


Romantic song themes are regressing during the time of the coronavirus as Egyptian musicians join the battle against the pandemic with patriotic and hopeful songs.

Until today the COVID-19 has infected approximately two million people and claimed the lives of close to 120,000.

With mainstream media and mega advertisers boosting awareness campaigns against the disease, songwriters are competing in following "the trends" with new topics becoming the main themes of pop songs.

While some songs are sarcastic and funny, hope has got to be the winning card of song themes, with messages such as Stay Home and Wash Your Hands, alongside religious and patriotic themes of course.

The rising trend now, however, is odes to doctors.

Songs that praise and show gratitude to doctors and medical staffs are gradually becoming the main trend now across the Arab world as well, with songs such as Lebanese Ragheb Alama's Entou Amalna (You're Our Hope), Kuwaiti Nabil Shuail's Thabtah Hal-Deirah (This Country is Solid).

With many other songs of the same topic already out or in the making, the following are three Egyptian songs released this week, selected to represent main dominating music scenes in Egyptian playlists: pop, indie, and shaabi. The three songs are boosted by various sponsors.

'Yabo Balto Abiad'

Aziz El-Shafei's composition in Gb Kurd scale (Phrygian mode), Medhat Saleh sings Yabo Balto Abiad (You in the White Coat). Lyrics written by Omar Taher warmly symbolise doctors as brave, religious warriors, in a typical Egyptian popular maqsoum form.

Again in Phrygian but from C, Wust El-Balad's star Hany Adel appeared in Ahmed Tarek Yehia's anthem in which he uses acoustic and electric guitar riffs, boosted by orchestral hit sounds and clap beats and Ezz Tarek's lyrics, entitled Beyhnouga Edaamouhom (They Protect us, Support Them).

'Geishna Labiad'

Once antagonised for inappropriate lyrics in his top chart Mahragan Bent El-Giran, Hassan Shakoush released Geishna El-Abiad (Our white army), with a popish approach from arranger Saso, of course in Phrygian but in E key, with Mostafa Hadouta's lyrics.

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'Geishna Labiad'
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