UK will review how it handled COVID-19 when time is right, minister says

Reuters , Monday 20 Apr 2020

Mike Manders celebrates completing the Hull 10k on his treadmill, in his front garden dressed in a suit of armour, as the UK continues its lockdown to help curb the spread of coronavirus, in Hull, England, Sunday April 19, 2020. (Photo: AP)

Britain will review its approach to the coronavirus pandemic to learn what it could have done better, Culture Minister Oliver Dowden said on Monday, following criticism that the government was too slow to react.

"When we're dealing with an unprecedented crisis like this we're not going to have perfect 20:20 hindsight vision on this," he told BBC TV. "Of course we will need to look back and see the things we could have done differently.

"But right now people would not be expecting us to be looking back over the past few months, they would be expecting us to be dealing with this crisis on a day to day basis. We have said that we will of course review all the lessons that we need to learn from this and indeed learn the lessons globally."

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