Arab League, Parliament condemn Turkish drone attack on Iraq

Reem El-Sabaa , Wednesday 12 Aug 2020

 Arab League
File Photo: Arab League in session in its headquarters Cairo, Egypt. (Photo: Reuters)

The Arab League and the Arab Parliament have condemned the Turkish drone attack on Iraq on Wednesday.

Arab League chief Ahmed Aboul Gheit slammed the "continuous Turkish violations of Iraq's sovereignty" after the Tuesday strike.

Arab League sources told Sky News Arabia that the pan-Arab organisation backs any international action by the Iraqi government to stop Turkey's military aggressions on its territories and to maintain Iraq's sovereignty, stability and security.

Meanwhile, the Arab Parliament's speaker Mishaal bin Fahm Al-Salami said he considers the strike a "dangerous assault on Iraq's sovereignty" and a violation of international law and norms and the UN charter.

Al-Salami said that Turkey is clearly violating the UN Security Council's decisions and is not respecting its relations with neighbouring countries.

The drone attack, which took place in the Bradost area, north of Irbil, led to the death of two border guard commanders and their car's driver.

Iraq responded to the incident by summoning the Turkish envoy twice and announcing that Turkey's defence minister is no longer welcome in Iraq.

Kurdish media reports said that the strike took place during a meeting between Iraqi border officials and members of Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).

Ihsan Chelebi, Bradost's mayor, told AP that general Mohammed Rushdi and brigadier Zubair Hali, commanders of the border guards' second brigade and third regiment respectively, lost their lives while trying to establish new military sites in the area.

Turkey regularly goes after PKK members in Iraq, for the latter has long used northern Iraq as a base to launch attacks on Turkey.

Turkey has been engaged in a counterinsurgency campaign against PKK separatists since the 1980s.

A ceasefire, which lasted for two years amid peace talks between the two sides, collapsed in July 2015, and were followed by Turkish aerial campaigns on PKK militants in southeastern Turkey.

Turkey has also launched operations against the People's Protection Units (YPG), a Kurdish armed group, in Syria. 

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