77 takfiri elements killed, 7 army personnel 'killed or injured' in Sinai raids: Egypt's armed forces

Ahram Online , Sunday 30 Aug 2020

The operations were carried out between 22 July and 30 August

Armed forces
(Photo: Al-Ahram)
Egypt's armed forces have killed 77 terrorist elements during various raids in the last few weeks, the country’s military spokesman said on Sunday, adding that the operations had led to the death or injury of seven army personnel.
A video statement on the spokesman's Facebook page said the army had killed 73 takfiris in raids in North Sinai and had destroyed 317 hideouts and stores which the terrorist elements had used as shelters and ammunition warehouses.
Ten four-wheel drive vehicles were destroyed during the raid.
Other operations were carried out and resulted in the death of two "extremely dangerous" militants who were found in possession of two rifles, five magazines, and an explosive belt.
Two other takfiris were killed and another one was wounded, the statement said.
Four rifles, six magazines and large quantities of ammunition, explosives, a motorcycle, three water lifting machines, and sums of money were found in their possession, according to the spokesman.
The injured terrorist is receiving medical treatment at a military hospital and is being interrogated.
The statement also said that the air forces had destroyed nine four-wheel drive vehicles loaded with weapons and ammunition that were on their way to illegally cross the western borders.
“This coincides with the intensification of the naval forces' work of mopping-up and inspection of the operation area of the Mediterranean and Red Sea to secure economic objectives and secure the coastal strip against any threats, in addition to activating maritime security measures within our territorial waters,” the statement added.
"As a result of the valiant combating operations, three officers and four soldiers were martyred or injured," read the statement.
The operations were carried out between 22 July and 30 August.
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