Egypt pioneering market for Huawei in MENA: N Africa director

Doaa A.Moneim , Thursday 5 Nov 2020

Huawei offered “Huawei FusionModule2000” solution to Egypt, a new generation of smart modular data centres dedicated to provide customers with simple, efficient, and reliable data centre solutions, said Liang


Egypt is one of the pioneering markets in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region for Huawei, with a strong energy sector and numerous sources, including renewable and non-renewable energy, said Huawei’s Northern Africa Regional Director of Digital Power Business Yu Liang.

Liang made his comments during the Digital Power in Northern Africa Summit that Huawei Technologies Egypt held on Wednesday virtually to discuss the high-speed development of industries including 5G, bid data centres, artificial intelligence (AI), industrial Internet and EV charger, the fast transformation of the economy into a digital one as well as showcasing the best practices related to Huawei’s partners and customers.

“We are glad that we are joining forces with various entities to showcase our successful case study that is related to the energy sector in the Egyptian market. We also managed to offer Huawei FusionModule2000 solution, which is a new generation of smart modular data centre dedicated to provide customers with simple, efficient, and reliable data centre solutions and is awarded the world's first "Uptime Tier IV Ready" certification and meets the highest availability requirements,” said Liang.

He added that it is a modular-designed, highly integrated solution which comprises power supply system, cooling system, rack and structure system, cabling system, management system within a module, meeting the requirements for quick delivery and on-demand deployment.

He also stated that Huawei is honoured to provide smart energy solutions in the Egyptian market that aim at achieving the green energy transformation using AI solutions, a technological platform and an ecosystem, based on the 5G technology and the Internet of Things (IOT) in line with Egypt’s Vision 2030 and the seventh goal of the United Nations sustainable development goals (SDGs), which is based on clean and affordable energy.

Liang expressed Huawei’s willingness to help power enterprises in Egypt in the digital transformation process.

“For example, Huawei can help electric power enterprises optimise management processes, reduce production costs, improve operation security, innovate business models, and achieve the goal of smart energy with multiple complementary capabilities, ubiquitous interconnection, and intelligent interaction through digital transformation,” he said.

Huawei Technologies has a strong footprint in the Egyptian market, as it works towards achieving this goal through forming a digital ecosystem while creating new values for a myriad of industries. Huawei also works with partners to build a digital world for governments and enterprise customers. Huawei’s business solutions are becoming preferred by industries in Northern Africa and has become a mainstream ICT transformation supplier in the region, according to the company’s data.

During the event, CMO of Huawei Digital Power Product Line, Fang Liangzhou, said that Northern Africa is one of the prominent markets in the world, being equipped with all the proficiencies to provide fully-digitised services.

He added that Huawei has been working on providing digital solutions to different sectors and amongst them is the energy sector, since it is among the company’s established values to build a foundation for the digital world and accelerating the digital economy.

Liangzhou highlighted that Huawei Digital Power Product Line integrates digital technology and power electronic technology to accomplish the conversion, storage, and control of electric energy, to help build simple, reliable, green, and smart energy target network, build a digital energy base and support the development of the digital world.

The summit highlighted the challenges and opportunities the data centre industry experiences. 

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