Egypt’s press syndicate calls on papers to boycott Mohamed Ramadan over posing with Israeli celebrities

Ahram Online , Tuesday 24 Nov 2020

The decision came a few hours after the actor was suspended by the Egyptian Union of Artists' Syndicates pending an investigation

Journalists' Syndicate Headquarters

Egypt's press syndicate called on newspapers to boycott actor and singer Mohamed Ramadan after posing in photos with Israeli celebrities in the UAE, a move the syndicate deemed as "normalising relations with Israel."

The press syndicate's decision was made a few hours after the Egyptian Union of Artists' Syndicates announced the suspension of Ramadan pending an investigation into him allegedly "normalising with Israel."

In a statement released on Monday night, the press syndicate said that Ramadan's boycott decision obliges all journalists - who are members of the syndicate – to refrain from reporting any news, use his name or photo until the end of the investigation that is being conducted by the Union of Artistis' Syndicates over the incident.

The well-known actor sparked controversy over the past few days after photos and videos circulated on social media showing him with a number of Israeli artists and footballers at an "artistic gathering" in the UAE.

Egyptian professional syndicates have repeatedly refused all forms of professional, and personal normalisation with Israel in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Also, the press syndicate's statement warned that any violator of the decision will be referred to the syndicate's disciplinary committee for investigation.

In its statement, the press syndicate described Ramadan's move as a breach of the Egyptian professional syndicates' decision on prohibiting all forms of normalisation with Israel, and as a provocation for Arab people's feelings, hailing the Union of Artists' Syndicates' decision that was made on Monday.

The statement added that the press syndicate council reiterated adherence to all previously-adopted decisions by its general assembly that prohibits all forms of professional, and personal normalisation with Israel until "all occupied Arab lands are liberated and the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people are restored."

Ramadan’s photos were hailed by a number of Arabic-language social media accounts run by the Israeli government, expressing how the arts bring nations together.
The controversy surrounding Ramadan comes weeks after the UAE, Bahrain and Sudan signed normalisation agreements with Israel.

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