Emigration ministry launches initiative to honour Egyptian women abroad supporting national causes

Lamis El Sharqawy , Tuesday 16 Feb 2021

The minister selected Sarah El-Amin, an activist in Africa’s development and environment and the founder of Happy Africa organisation, to be ambassador for the initiative

Nabila Makram
Egypt's Emigration and Expatriate Affairs Minister Nabila Makram. Al-Ahram

Egypt's Emigration and Expatriate Affairs Minister Nabila Makram launched an initiative on Monday under the motto ‘An Egyptian Woman Worth a 100 Men’ that aims to highlight the efforts made by Egyptian women abroad in supporting their country's national causes, a cabinet statement said.

The minister selected Sarah El-Amin, an activist in Africa’s development and environment and the founder of Happy Africa organisation, to be ambassador for the initiative.

The initiative was launched in a round table titled ‘the role of civil society in the advancement of the developing country’ that was attended by Maya Morsi, the president of the National Council for Women (NCW), and El-Amin.

 THe round table was held at a meeting for the Coordination Committee of Party Youth Leaders and Politicians (CPYP).

During the event, the minister stressed that the ministry forges links between Egyptians abroad and state institutions.

“Civil society is also a partner in our successes, with its support to our activities and events, whether in the presidential initiative to combat illegal immigration, training youth in cooperation with civil society institutions, or rehabilitating returnees from abroad in the initiative entitled ‘Welcome to Your Country’ and contributing to the return of more than 77,000 Egyptians from abroad,” said Makram.

The minister underlined "the great role played by Egyptian institutions abroad in supporting the country’s stance on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD)."

“There is a harmony between state institutions and civil society organisations, a strategy that supports the state's vision for sustainable development 2030,” said the emigration minister.

Meanwhile, the NCW president said she appreciated the support of the political leadership to Egyptian women.

"We are witnessing a golden age with all the positions and privileges achieved by Egyptian women, in addition to offering women the opportunity to engage in the political process," Morsi said.

Morsi also praised the work of the CPYP in supporting and advocating for International Anti-FGM day, highlighting the “wonderful role” of Egyptian women, whether in civil society institutions or state institutions, in reaching a community movement that benefits the image of Egypt.

Meanwhile, El-Amin stressed the responsibility of civil society organisations in providing support to developing countries.

“Civil society organisations play a role that corresponds to the role played by governments in such areas," El-Amin said.

Happy Africa addresses people who lack the most basic requirements of human life such as decent places for housing, a close source of clean water, and healthcare that is mostly needed in areas accustomed to epidemics, said El-Amin.

Within three years, the organisation, which aims to provide assistance and support to African people, gained the confidence of the population of underserved tribes in Kenya, as well as the trust of supporters and donors, to achieve the United Nations goals on development, human rights, and the environment.

Members of the CPYP presented the committee honorary shield to both the emigration minister and the president of NCW, as a sign of appreciation for their efforts.

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