Egypt announces strict coronavirus measures for university mid-year exams

Amr Kandil , Saturday 20 Feb 2021

Universities and institutes nationwide prepare to hold the previously adjourned mid-year exams to take place on 27 February

A medical staff member in protective gear checks temperatures at Cairo University during the coronavirus outbreak, Cairo, Egypt, March 15, 2020 (photo: Reuters)

Egypt’s Supreme Council of Universities announced on Saturday a set of strict precautionary measures against coronavirus as universities and institutes prepare to hold the mid-year exams on 27 February.

The mid-year exams in schools and universities were postponed in December due to the outbreak of the second wave of the coronavirus.

Last week, the authorities extended the mid-year vacation by a week to end on 26 February.

The council had also extended the current school year for three weeks to ensure the fulfillment of study plans.

The measures include the organization of multiple entry points for each faculty to receive students an hour before exams, as well as the provision of masks, thermometers and sterilisers.

Faculties will determine a compulsory route for students to enter and leave exam halls in order to prevent gatherings before or after.

Entrance gates at exam halls will be equipped with disinfection materials and students' temperature will be checked.

The measures also include mandating that lecture halls operate at half capacity and that a two-metre distance between students is maintained.

Masks will be provided to all students and supervisors and will be worn throughout the duration of tests.

Specialised companies will disinfect exam halls between tests.

The decisions also include mandating that each student uses his/her own stationary and that they do not share them with their peers.

Exam monitors must wear disposable gloves and masks during the collection of test papers.

Monitors must place test papers in boxes and leave them untouched for not less than four days before marking begins.

The council also urged forming groups of students, under the supervision of the teaching staff at the universities, to check the health status of colleagues before entering exams.

The council also cancelled all leave by health staff, especially in the medical centers at universities, during the exams period.

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