Sphinx International Airport receives partially blind Japanese Pilot Shinji Maeda

Reham El-Adawi , Tuesday 25 May 2021

Japanese pilot Shinji Maeda is welcomed by the public relations of Sphinx Airport
World’s talk Japanese Pilot Shinji Maeda will visit the most remarkable touristic and archaeological cities in Egypt to spread his message “Nothing is impossible” and then continue his trip to Sudan.
Japanese pilot Shinji Maeda arrives Sphinx International Airport
Shinji Maeda who calls himself a “one-eyed pilot,” departed for his around-the-world flight on 1st May with a mission to inspire people with his message, “Nothing is impossible.”
Under the slogan “Challenging the difficulties,” Sphinx International Airport received, a couple of days ago, the Japanese Pilot Shinji Maeda, who has lost sight in his right eye due to a car accident, but insisted on completing his studies in aviation. He obtained a flight license from the University of Arizona in the United States, and then decided to travel around the world with his plane in a two-month-long daunting task to send a message to the world on the necessity to stick to one's dream, regardless of any difficulties.
Japanese pilot Shinji Maeda photographed on his plane at Sphinx International Airport
The administration of Sphinx Airport received Shinji, who arrived from Athens. Pilot Mohamed Manar, the Minister of Civil Aviation, laid instructions to provide all the necessary facilities and licenses to the Japanese pilot in order to finish all his procedures easily, in addition to instructing public relations to present him with souvenirs.
Shinji will visit the most important touristic and archaeological cities in Egypt, namely El Gouna and Aswan, before he continues his trip to Sudan.
It is worth noting that the Japanese pilot’s journey began from the United States through Canada, Iceland, France, Norway, Greece, the United Arab Emirates, India, Thailand and the Philippines, this trip will take about 130 hours and he will return to the United States again early next July.
Shinji is the founder and president of the Aero Zypangu Project, a 501c3 non-profit organisation he founded with his supporters. Its mission is to provide opportunities and experiences that inspire hope, strength and joy in people with disabilities; in youngsters and in their families through aviation activities. Through his motivational lectures and discovery flight lessons, Shinji delivers his message, “Nothing is impossible,” through his own life experiences.
As a child, Shinji loved looking up at the sky from his father’s farmland, thinking about becoming a pilot. After graduating from junior high school, he left his parents’ home to attend Japan Aviation High School in Yamanashi Prefecture, west of Tokyo. From there, he was admitted to the Department of Aerospace Engineering at the College of Science and Technology, Nihon University. As he was striving towards his dream, he experienced a major setback in his first year of college. He was hit by a car on the street and lost sight in his right eye.


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