Entasher Paving The Way For Digital Transformation

Advertorial , Thursday 27 May 2021

Digital Transformation Is The New Norm


What comes to mind once you hear the word Digital Transformation? A common misconception that people form on digital transformation is that it’s mainly about being present on social media platforms. While it is true that promoting goods and services on social media platforms is part of digital transformation, it really isn’t just about that.
So what is Digital Transformation? Simply, it is the process to switch business operations and customer interactions from traditional into digital. It’s implementing agile technologies wherever appropriate in business processes.

Although digital transformation is quite popular, people were oblivious to the fact that the world is becoming increasingly digital.

And as a result, when the world turned contactless due to COVID, businesses who turned a blind eye to digital transformation were failing.

Today, we dive deeper into how the business scene was before and how it is now during the pandemic, and we shed light on one of Egypt’s promising startups AKA Entasher that aims at digitizing the Marketing & Advertising industry. So first, let's take a look at how it was before the pandemic.
Digital presence pre-covid19

Before COVID-19 shakes the world’s business scene, numerous businesses were underestimating the power of going digital. They limited their efforts to be present solely on social media pages, without investing whatsoever in websites, e-commerce, digital advertising, or business process automation. This rigidity put them into a position where they were completely out of reach during Covid19. As a result, huge losses were inflicted, and businesses either downsized, hung by a thread, or completely shut down.
The Digital Scene During Covid19

What do you do when you want to go grocery shopping, pay bills, buy clothes or shop for whatever? The answer before was that you go to the next Shopping mall or nearby store. But now, things have changed. Consumers are most likely to scout social media, shopping websites, and e-commerce applications to find a contactless way to buy what they need.

Furthermore, Covid19 has utterly changed the digital land escape for all business sectors. It has become no longer adequate to be on social media. In fact, social media alone can't promote goods or services. Survival is now dependent on how much effort a business puts into digitizing its processes and consumer interactions. Adding value now doesn’t end at providing excellent products or services; it only starts there.
What happened to companies that do digital transformation ?

 Companies that invested in digital transformation have ventured into a new era where everything is digital.
It’s fair to say that Entasher has helped pave the way for digital transformation ever since its launch in 2018.
Their significant role in bringing together the Marketing & Advertising industry leaders and seekers has perpetually shed light on the necessity of transforming business processes from traditional into digital.

Not only does Entasher facilitate communication between Marketing & Advertising agencies and clients, but it also adds value to users by opening new gateways for competition on the platform. So, for instance, if your business relied on an outdoor sales force, now you should switch your business development operations by considering hunting clients on a digital platform such as Entasher.

Analyzing the aftershock in Egypt, we took notice of how different businesses were able to adapt and ride out the storm by going fully digital.

The decision to seek digital transformation applies to businesses of all different sizes. From gigantic entities like Carrefour, Misr Elkheir, Gourmet, to startups like Vezeeta, Fawry, Wuzzuf, and much more.
This goes to prove that skipping the digital transformation is no longer a luxury that businesses can afford. Adapting to the new norm is how businesses survive and thrive. Therefore starting with automating your marketing & advertising agency/client hunt is certainly the right thing to do.

Entasher.com helps clients reach all media, advertising and marketing companies

 As entasher’s target is to make the advertising and marketing process more easier they helps clients to reach suppliers on the following sections: 

Expansion on the Middle East  

“We will go for gulf countries in 2022” said Mahmoud Azab entasher.com founder as they will expand in  UAE , KSA Bahrain and Qatar

Azab said that the Advertising industry still need more and more creative ideas to easily connect the service providers with service seekers.

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