Factbox: Egypt’s largest, newly-inaugurated '3rd of July' Naval Base on Mediterranean

Ahmed Morsy , Saturday 3 Jul 2021

 3rd of July
A still photo of Egypt's newly-inaugurated "3rd of July" Naval Base on the Mediterranean Sea on Saturday

Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi inaugurated the "3rd of July" Naval Base on Saturday, in a "message of peace and development for the entire region." 

Below are the facts and missions of the Mediterranean base


  • The naval base is located in Gargoub area in Egypt's northwest coast which overlooks the Mediterranean Sea.
  • The base stretches over 10 million square meters and is considered Egypt’s largest naval base.
  • It took its name from a history associated with eliminating the motives of hateful terrorism and moving towards development and progress, including the tangible interest in the sea after the 30 June Revolution.
  • The base comprises 28 armoured combat boats, four Swift boats, two Italian FREMM Bergamini frigates, an Egyptian-manufactured Gowind-class design frigate, and a German-made Type 209 submarine.
  • It includes 74 facilities, in addition to an airstrip attached to it, a hall for receiving VIP visitors, a number of training fields and an operations centre.
  • It has a military berth with a length of 1,000 metres and a depth of 14 metres, a number of commercial berths with a length of 2,200 metres and a depth of 17 metres, a port control tower with a height of 29 metres and two breakwaters with a length of 3,650 metres.
  • It includes a hotel on 6,300 square metres, a conference hall that can accommodate 700 visitors, a complex for sports activities, an open theatre that can accommodate 600 attendees, a service building, an equipped medical point, and a mosque on an area of 1,100 metres.


  • The base will be in charge of securing Egypt’s northern and western strategic borders.
  • It safeguards Egypt’s economic capabilities, secure shipping routes, and maintain maritime security by using combat groups from land military units, submarines, and air forces.
  • It will help in protecting navigation in the Suez Canal.
  • The base will help in confronting illegal immigration as well as combating smuggling.
  • It will act as provider of the logistical support for the Egyptian troops in the Red and Mediterranean seas to confront any challenges and threats that may exist in the region.
  • The base will host Egypt’s military drill "Qader 2021" in addition to the joint military exercises with friendly countries.
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