Abul-Fotouh tops the poll in 15 consulates; Sabbahi comes second

Ahram Online, Friday 18 May 2012

Islamist candidate Abul-Fotouh leads the poll in 15 consulates, while his socialist rival Sabbahi comes a close second

The semi-official results from 15 consulates have been announced on Friday night.

According to the results, Islamist candidate Abdel-Monem Abul-Fotouh leads and is followed by socialist contender Hamdeen Sabahi.

The results of the total votes from 15 consulates:

Abdel-Monem Abul-Fotouh: 11934

Hamdeen Sabahi: 8287

Amr Moussa: 7418

Mohamed Morsi: 6996

Ahmed Shafiq: 3499

Mohamed Selim El-Awa: 472

Khaled Ali: 307

Hisham El-Bastawisi: 65

Abul-Ezz El-Hariri: 13

Hossam Khairallah: 8

Abdallah El-Ashaal: 6

Mohamed Hossam: 6

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