Larger Middle East saw 140 terror attacks in September; Iraq and Afghanistan most stricken nations: NCS report

Ahram Online , Wednesday 13 Oct 2021

Up to 140 terrorist attacks were carried out in the larger Middle East through September, with Iraq and Afghanistan ranked the most exposed nations to such acts, according to a report.

Taliban fighters guard a Serena hotel, which is popular with foreigners, in Kabul, Afghanistan, Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2021. AP

A recent report by Egypt’s National Centre for Studies (NCS) on the state of terrorism in the larger Middle East during September said that 126 out of the 140 attacks were carried out in countries with political instability in the region, representing 90 percent, while 14 attacks, around 10 percent, were carried out in stable countries.

The report, the ninth by the NCS, placed Iraq at the forefront of terrorism-stricken countries, with 56 terrorist acts carried out there.

The NCS pointed out that both Afghanistan and Syria came in the second and third place in the number of attacks during the past month, with each having suffered 29 and 22 attacks respectively.

Somalia was ranked in fourth place with 16 attacks, according to the report.

The centre said such attacks receded in stable countries, including Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iran.

The report praised the efforts made by the Egyptian security apparatus in quelling terrorist group Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis, adding that Egypt's counterterrorism efforts have forced a great deal of this group’s members to turn themselves in.

The NCS said that all terror attacks in some of the region’s countries – which are suffering conflicts with armed groups – were excluded from the report.

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