Mohamed Morsi: The man who upset the doubters

Ahram Online, Friday 25 May 2012

After being widely ridiculed as a substitute candidate and as the Brotherhood's second-best candidate, Morsi appears to coming out on top

Mohamed Morsi
Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood spokesman Mohamed Morsi (Photo: AP)

Mohamed Morsi became the Muslim Brotherhood candidate for Egypt's presidency after their previous candidate Khairat El-Shater was disqualified in April. Seen as a substitute candidate, Morsi was widely taunted as being nothing more than Istebn (spare tyre in Arabic).

In contrast to El-Shater, a charismatic businessman, many doubted Morsi's chances of winning, or of even becoming a frontfronner in Egypt's presidential race.

In the final couple of weeks, the Muslim Brotherhood's organisational machine threw itself behind it's candidate, with Morsi's rise increasingly reflected in a number of opinion polls.

With most of the votes counted, Morsi looks to be in first place, and it is looking likely that he will face Mubarak-era figure Ahmed Shafiq in a runoff.

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