Alexandria roars: 'Where is Egypt's revolution?' in anger at runoff

Ahram Online, Monday 28 May 2012

Protesters angry at Ahmed Shafiq's presence in the upcoming runoff round and the exclusion of popular Nasserist Hamdeen Sabbahi took to the streets in Alexandria

Protest in Alexandria after the announcement of the runoff between Shafiq and Morsi (Photo: Ahram Gate)

Thousands marched in Alexandria on Monday afternoon after a press conference held by the Supreme Presidential Electoral Committee (SPEC) announced that the runoffs will be between the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) candidate, Mohamed Morsi and Mubarak's ex-prime minister, Ahmed Shafiq.

Protestors held posters of Nasserist candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi, and signs saying "Sabbahi is the president and Shafiq must be in prison." They also chanted: "We promise you martyr, Shafiq will be an outcast," and "One, two, where's Egypt's revolution?"

Alexandria, Egypt's second city with a population of 10 million, backed Sabbahi (34 per cent), followed by moderate Islamist and ex- Muslim Brother Abdel-Moneim Abul-Fotouh (22 per cent), and Mubarak’s former foreign minister Amr Moussa (16.5 per cent).

Ahmed Ali, a political activist and a leading member of the Resistance Front coalition, said that the continuation of the revolution is the only appropriate response by the Egyptian people to the results of the election which they know to be forged, "especially Shafiq's votes."

Sabbahi received 5 per cent fewer votes than Shafiq in the first round of voting. Sabbahi had, along with other presidential candidates, submitted complaints to the SPEC, citing violations in the electoral process. However, the appeals were rejected.

Runoffs will take place between Morsi and Shafiq on 16 and 17 June.

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