Workplace injuries in Egypt declined by 19.7% in 2020: CAPMAS

Ahram Online , Sunday 24 Oct 2021

The total number of workplace injuries in Egypt has declined by 19.7% in 2020 to 11,510, down from 14,331 cases in 2019, the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) said on Sunday.

File Photo: A man working in a local chocolate factory. REUTERS

The CAPMAS report revealed that workplace injuries in 2020 by sector was as follows: the governmental sector 1,634 cases - 14.2%; the public sector at 4,911 cases - 42.7%; the private sector 4,287 cases - 37.2%; and the investment sector 687 cases - 5.9%.

The report added that 89.1% or 10,255 of the workplace injuries cases recorded in 2020 were among males while only 10.9% or 1,255 cases were among females.

Cairo governorate tops the number of workplace injuries with 1,982 cases -17.2%, followed by Giza with 1,482 -12,9%.

New Valley governorate recorded the least number of workplace injuries nationwide with 4 cases or 0.01% of the total.

Technicians and technical assistants accounted for the highest percentage of workplace injuries at 36.9% of total injuries - 4,248 cases; followed by workers in factories at 19.3% - 2,210 cases; while the lowest percentage of work injuries was recorded among farmers and fishermen at 0.7% - 86 cases.

The largest number of workplace injuries in 2020 was recorded in manufacturing industries with 6,501 cases at 56.5%; followed by health and social services with 946 cases at 8.2%.

The least number of work injuries was recorded among home services workers with 3 cases at 0.3%.

CAPMAS stated that the largest number of workplace injuries in 2020 in order according to cause was as follows: 3,334 cases (29%) resulted from falls; 2,630 cases (22.9%) caused by errors and collision with objects; and only 23 cases (0.2%) were caused by explosions.

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