Lebanese star Majida El-Roumi performs on last night of 30th Arab Music Festival

Eslam Omar , Tuesday 16 Nov 2021

Lebanese singer Majida El-Roumi performed Monday at the Cairo Opera House’s Fountain Theater on the last night of the 30th Arab Music Festival and Conference.

Majida El-Roumi

Accompanied by the Philharmonic Orchestra under the helm of conductor Nader Abbassi, the evergreen El-Roumi performed some her most known songs, including ‘Kalemat’, ‘A’m Yesa’alouny Alik’, ‘Ainak Layalen Sayfeya’, Esma’a Alby’, ‘Masa El-Foll’, ‘Ka Teghdaby’, Ghanny Lel-Hob’, Moftara’ El-Toro’, ‘Enta W-Ana’, ‘La Tesa’al’, ‘Meily Ya Helwa’, ‘Matrahak B’Alby’ and ‘Hai Ala El-Falah’.

The Lebanese superstar, 64, was keen to give words of gratitude to Egypt, carrying and kissing the flag during the performance.

Egypt's culture ministry had dedicated the 30th edition of the Arab Music Festival and Conference to legendary Egyptian composers Abdo Dagher and Gamal Salama.

During the closing ceremony, Minister of Culture Ines Abdel-Dayem handed the awards of the Ratiba El-Hefni contests to the winners of different categories including singing, instrumental performing and improvisation, and kids, youth and special needs talents.

For two weeks, the festival hosted 33 concerts by over 100 artists from 10 Arab countries: Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Tunisia, Palestine, Jordan and Oman. The festival was held in Cairo, Alexandria and Damanhour.

Many Arab stars gave successful performances this year, including Egyptians Afaf Rady, Mai Farouk, Medhat Saleh, Omar Khairat, Mohamed Mohsen, Ali El Haggar, Ahmed Sa’ad and Hany Shaker, Moroccans Samira Said and Jannat, the Lebanese Assi El Hallani, Wael Jassar and Marwan Khoury, the Tunisian Saber Rebai, and the Syrian Assala.

This year, the festival paid tribute to a number of acclaimed Arab musicians, including Egyptian lyricists Medhat El-Adl and Salah Mohamed Ali, Egyptian composers Mohamed Mostafa, Hisham Naiz and Mohamed Diaa, Saudi singer Abadi Al-Johar, Lebanese singer Marwan Khoury, Sudanese composer Mohamed El-Amin, Iraqi qanun instrumentalist First Qadri, Tunisian music researcher Mohamed El-Masmoudy, Egyptian music researcher Mohamed Omran, Egyptian ney instrumentalist Mahmoud Kamal, Egyptian calligrapher Ibrahim Ahmed Ibrahim and Egyptian troupe Sodasy Sharara.

Other important activities included a special event celebrating the works of legendary Lebanese singer and composer Wadih El-Safi, celebrating his 100th birthday.

With over 50 researchers from 15 Arab countries participating, the conference’s main theme was ‘Music instruments in Arab contemporary creativity.’ Topics for discussion centred on performing and writing music comparisons between the orchestral and Arab takht work, as well as critical reviews of the impact of Western instruments on Arab musical heritage, the role of folkloric instruments, and music education.

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