Egypt reiterates support for efforts to eliminate ISIS, dry up funding resources

Ahram Online , Friday 3 Dec 2021

Egypt stressed its continued support to the efforts of the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS to eliminate the terrorist group and dry up its sources of funding, an Egyptian senior diplomat said on Friday.

File Photo: The Egyptian Foreign Ministry Headquarters in Cairo. Reuters
File Photo: The Egyptian Foreign Ministry Headquarters in Cairo. Reuters

Minister Plenipotentiary Mohamed Fouad, the director of the Egyptian foreign ministry's international counter-terrorism unit, made the remarks during his participation in the Small Group Political Directors Meeting in Brussels.

The group poses a threat to African security and negatively impacts the continent's socio-economic stability, Fouad noted, calling for support to build African countries' counter-terrorism capabilities.

Fouad underlined the support Egypt provides to African countries in this regard, including the establishment of the Sahel and Sahara Counter-Terrorism Centre in Cairo.

He also emphasized the necessity of following closely the situation in Afghanistan and intensifying efforts to prevent it from becoming a safe haven for terror groups that target the region's stability.

Egypt is committed to dealing with the roots of terrorism via a comprehensive approach of security, intellectual, and socio-economic dimensions, he added.

The Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS was formed in September 2014 to dismantle the group's networks and economic infrastructure, prevent the flow of foreign terrorist fighters across borders, and support the stability and restoration of essential public services of areas liberated from ISIS.

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