Amr Samala’s ‘Bimbo’ to merge Malek and Wegz on Shahid VIP's screen

Eslam Omar , Sunday 5 Dec 2021

Egyptian director Amr Salama’s new series titled ‘Bimbo’, featuring Ahmed Malek and Wegz, has been unveiled and will screen on Saudi streaming platform ‘Shahid VIP’ starting 21 December.


Also starring Huda Al-Mufti and Soliman Eid, Bimbo’s crew were celebrated during a special screening — attended by a number of actors, filmmakers and critics — held on Saturday amid the 43rd Cairo International Film Festival, which concluded on Sunday.

Bimbo is the debut acting role of Egyptian young rapper Wegz, who proved his top-listening supremacy this year, as his music videos like ‘Bazeet’, ‘Dorak Gai’, and ‘Kefy Keda’ have been watched by millions on various music platforms, with Spotify naming him 2021’s most listened to artist in Egypt.

Ahmed Malek, who was celebrated in several international venues last year with his role in Australian director Roderick MacKay’s acclaimed film ‘The Furnace’, is becoming one of the most appealing actors of his generation after successive roles in hit films like ‘Sheikh Jackson’, ‘Gunshot’, ‘The Guest’, and ‘Ras Al-Sana’.

Most known for ‘La Mo’akhza’, ‘El-Sheikh Jackson’, and ‘Asmaa’, Amr Salama, the director of Netflix’s Paranormal (2020), has expressed much excitement for the release of his anticipated film ‘Barra Al-Manghag’, which will hit theatres in mid-December.

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