Miss Egypt beauty pageant casts wider net with new selection system

Ghada Abdel-Kader , Thursday 30 Dec 2021

The Miss Egypt beauty pageant, starting January 2022, has implemented new selection criteria for contestants, casting a wider net across all of Egypt and putting the focus on wide range of attributes rather than just beauty, pageant director Dr. Amal Rizk told Ahram Online.

Miss Egypt
Beauty queens of Egypt. Photos courtesy of Amal Rizk

“Miss Egypt beauty contest has modified its system to give more opportunities to aspirants from all over Egypt to have a better chance at participating,” she added.

Miss Egypt is a prestigious annual national beauty competition that aims to crown a woman based not only on her beauty, but also her intellect. The applicants are chosen after a series of interviews, activities, training sessions and events.

Rizk elaborated more on the details of registration, saying “It will be held at the same time every year. The registration will open on 1 January across all governorates. The final show will be in Cairo. Contestants can fill out an application form through a link on our official webpage.”

Winners will go on to represent Egypt in major international beauty pageants worldwide, such as as Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss International, Miss Supranational, Miss Eco-international, and Miss Grand.

Each governorate will crown one queen with one runner-up as her assistant. In the Cairo and Alexandria governorates, however, a minimum of five applicants will be picked for the final show.

Additional queens will also be crowned across the country’s various subdivisions, giving girls all across Egypt’s villages and cities the opportunity to compete in the pageant, rather than limiting the contest to the capital.

According to the new regulations, the queen’s role is to serve her governorate and take part in community service, charity and volunteer work.

“There are common characteristics for beauty queens and this applies to all governorates including specifics of age, height, weight, character, charitable involvement, education, culture and knowledge. Besides this, other criteria will vary according to aspects of the governorate’s natural environment, customs, traditions, heritage and culture,” she explained.

Governorates are divided into five regions. The greater Cairo region includes Cairo, Giza and Qalioubiya governorates. The Delta region encompass Gharbiya, Menoufiya, Daqahliya, Kafr El-Sheikh, and Damietta.

The Alexandria region includes Alexandria, Beheira and Matrouh governorates. The El-Canal region’s governorates are Port Said, Suez, Ismailiya, Sharqiya, and North Sinai.

Each candidate can apply to the competition by picking their nearest location during the registration process.

“The jury committee members will decide on one governorate to be the main spot in each region,” she said.

The pageant director revealed that Miss Egypt would not focus on fashion modeling, but rather on personality, talents and community service.

“Some contestants think they can pave their way to the modeling field by competing in beauty pageants. I do not accept them in my competition,” Rizk confirmed.

"The life of a pageant queen is not a walk in the park, but rather is full of responsibilities. She must have goals in life to fulfill and work on refining her personality, discovering skills, talents, humanitarian projects and direct her aims to serve the communities,” she concluded.

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