Security plan in place for Egypt vote count: Interior minister

Ahram Online , Sunday 17 Jun 2012

Free and fair vote count vital to ensure new president's legitimacy, says Egypt's interior minister, Mohamed Ibrahim

Minister of interior Mohamed Ibrahim (Photo: Al-Ahram)

Security forces will ensure vote counting and the announcement of results in Egypt's presidential runoff proceeds smoothly, Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim said Sunday.

The process is vitally important to ensure the president's legitimacy, he added.

Voting stations are set to close at 10pm on Monday and the counting process is to start shortly after. Results are expected to be announced on Wednesday or Thursday.

In the governorates of Cairo and Giza, there had been a small number of minor violations during the runoff vote, he said, such as setting laptops near polling stations to guide voters or voters photographing ballot papers after they cast votes.

In addition, Ibrahim said he had heard reports of 'terrorists' wearing military or police uniforms and pretending to secure polling stations but there was no evidence to support this as yet. Anyone attempting to wear fake police or army uniforms would be arrested immediately, he said.

Ibrahim added that he encourages voters to use the free transportation and the two-day national holiday for government workers, both extended by the cabinet of Kamal El-Ganzouri, to cast their ballots.

He also denied claims circulating in social media networks that civilian buses had been used to transport conscripted soldiers at the Central Security Forces, who are prohibited by law from casting ballots, to vote for a certain candidate in Alexandria.

Meanwhile, the minister of interior denied reports that Hosni Mubarak had met with former members of the now-dissolved National Democratic Party in Tora Prison, saying that Mubarak's health does not allow him to leave his room in the prison hospital where the deposed president is serving a life-sentence for his role in the killing of protesters in the January 2011 uprising.

Mubarak's health is currently stable but if it deteriorated he would be moved to a military hospital like any other prisoner, Ibrahim noted, .

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