Man who decapitated neighbour in Ismailia receives death sentence

El-Sayed Gamal El-Din , Wednesday 5 Jan 2022

Ismailiia criminal court sentenced on Wednesday Abdel-Rahman Nazmy — nicknamed ‘Dabour’ — to death for decapitating his neighbour and attempting to murder two others in October of 2021.

Abdel-Rahman Nazmy

The ruling is not final and can be appealed.

This comes a month after the court sought - per Egyptian law - the non-binding opinion of Egypt’s Grand Mufti on the preliminary death sentence passed down onto Nazmy.

Egyptians on social media platforms were horrified when videos and photos appeared online showing a young man brutally attacking and beheading an older man with a cleaver in broad daylight on a public street in the Suez Canal city.

In November, the General Prosecution referred Nazmy to an urgent trial over charges of deliberate murder, abusing drugs, and possession of a cold weapon with the aim of disturbing public order.

According to a statement released by the prosecution, people injured during the incident as well as ten eye witnesses have identified the culprit as Nazmy, who admitted to the murder crime as well as abusing different types of drugs on the same day of the crime.

Medical reports have affirmed that Nazmy does not suffer from any psychological or mental disabilities, the prosecution added.

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