Egypt ready to transfer expertise to African states: Sisi

MENA , Thursday 13 Jan 2022

President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi said on Wednesday that Egypt is ready to transfer its expertise to African countries to help them and encourage others to support them.


“It is our duty towards them, and this is considered a human right,” he said while responding to a question by the United Nations’ resident coordinator in Egypt during a meeting with development partners on the fringe of the World Youth Forum (WYF) in Sharm El-Sheikh.

He said Egypt is focusing on pushing forward three main sectors in the coming period: Namely technology-intensive industries, agriculture, and communications and information technology.

He stressed that the country is exerting strenuous efforts to realise more progress in these sectors in the coming period.

Meanwhile, the president called for shrinking imports by encouraging the private sector to produce imported products.

“If this happens within the coming two or three years, Egypt will save up to $30 billion paid in imports,” he assured, adding that “this will also create jobs.”

El-Sisi noted that Egypt started working on developing communications and information technology almost three years ago and managed to jump from 40th position to 3rd at the African level in terms of internet speed.

He also referred to upgrading the infrastructure of universities and schools to launch the e-learning system.

As for agriculture, he said up to 3 million feddans will be valid for cultivation within two years maximum, but “we need the support of international organisations.”

Furthermore, El-Sisi shed light on the project of cleaning up lakes and its huge cost, adding that the achievements realised serve the environment and economy.

Speaking about the infrastructure in Africa, El-Sisi said that if electricity was provided, people would not burn trees or remove forests and there will be improvements in the climate.

On providing coronavirus vaccines, the president said that Egypt is working on producing two vaccines, adding that there is also a private sector company working on producing vaccines in Egypt.

Answering a question on climate change, El-Sisi expressed confidence that the world will do its best to improve climate conditions.

The president said that Egypt is working on an electric linkage project with Greece and Cyprus, adding that Egypt has the needed infrastructure to become a regional energy hub.

Regarding renewable energy, El-Sisi said that the country is living on less than 10% of Egypt’s total area because the rest of its lands are deserts and that this is an opportunity to produce renewable energy — whether solar or wind energy — or establish hydrogen energy projects.

The stability witnessed in the country is detrimental to achieving its energy aspirations, he said, adding that Egypt is gearing up to be a developed country with an energy infrastructure.

Answering a question about women empowerment, the president stressed his respect to women’s capabilities, citing the steps taken to achieve gender equality.

He also said that these are not slogans, noting that almost half of civil servants are women.

As for economic reforms, El-Sisi said that the application of economic reforms is not easy.

Furthermore, he said that there is a dire need for the private sector’s contribution to support the efforts being exerted by the government, as it has great capabilities and more chances of success.

He added that projects like the Decent Life Presidential Initiative do not aim to build housing units only, but they are integrated projects serving in all main fields of structure, including the infrastructure of transportation and IT.

Shifting combating corruption, the president affirmed that the Egyptian state will never tolerate corruption, as it seeks to get rid of any negative aspects that can hinder the country’s progress and prosperity.

Answering a question about irregular migration, the Egyptian leader said that the country is hosting 6 million migrants and refugees and is ensuring a decent life for them that is comparable to that of Egyptian citizens.

Regarding the next climate conference that will be hosted by Egypt in November, President El-Sisi said that preparations have been underway to host the conference since the conclusion of the UN’s Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow, the UK.

Moreover, the State and its institutions are doing their best to render the conference successful, he added.

Youths will also be included in work teams of the conference, he said, adding that their contributions will ensure the success of the event and that their voice will be heard.

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