Egypt to witness extreme cold unstable weather starting Wednesday : Meteorological authority

Ahram Online , Tuesday 25 Jan 2022

Egypt’s Meteorological Authority (EMA) warned on Tuesday that the country will witness a very cold unstable weather conditions starting Wednesday.

unstable weather

The authority warned of a noticeable drop in temperature accompanied by rainfalls and noticeable wind activity on northern parts of Egypt till Great Cairo region and East Upper Egypt on Wednesday and Thursday.

There will be a drop between 2 to 3 Celsius degrees in temperature according to the EMA.

The EMA issued a warning that there will be a disturbance in navigation in the Mediterranean Sea on Wednesday and Thursday.  

The height of the waves will reach 3 metres on the beach and 5.5 meters in the sea and there will be no horizontal visibility at 1.2 meters whereas the speed of wind will range between 30:35 knots, said the EMA.

Meanwhile, the navigation in the Red Sea will be stable.

Greater Cairo region will witness an extreme cold weather during day and night. Greater Cairo will witness highs of 12 degrees Celsius and lows of 6 degrees.

Alexandria will witness too an extreme cold weather that may reach to frost in day and extreme cold at night. Alexandria will witness highs of 12 and lows of 9.

The coastal city is expected to see on Wednesday moderate to heavy rain that can be accompanied by thunder and hail for 70-80 percent

Due to the unstable weather conditions, Alexandria will suspend classes in all schools in the governorate.

South Sinai and Red Sea region will witness highs of 20 and lows of 10 whereas North Upper Egypt will witness highs of 14 and lows of 3. 

South Upper Egypt will witness highs of 18 and lows of 6. 

According to meteorologists, Egypt is currently experiencing its coldest winter in a decade.



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