Egyptian parliament rejects draft law imposing fines on parents of absentee students

Gamal Essam El-Din , Monday 31 Jan 2022

The Egyptian parliament's education and scientific research committee rejected on Monday a government-drafted legislative proposal aiming to impose an EGP 1,000 fine on the parents of students who do not attend classes without a valid reason.

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Egyptian parliament

The legislative proposal, an amendment to the education law (139/1981), states that a fine of EGP 1,000 shall be imposed on the parents of students who stay absent from school and within one week of being notified.

MP Sami Hashem, head of the education committee, said three reasons were behind the committee's rejection of the proposal.

"The first is that the fine is hefty and stands beyond the financial capability of most parents to pay," Hashem said. "Second, the proposal treats fathers or parents in general as criminals who should be fined simply because their kids do not go to school." 

"Third, the committee’s MPs agree that government schools do not give any kind of education or attractive activities, and that this is the main reason why students refuse to go schools,” he said.

Hashem revealed that the committee members urged the government to instead submit legislative proposals to stop students dropping out of schools. 

"We reject any laws that impose fines on families at a time of economic hardships and high inflation," he said.

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