Egypt's Senate to finish discussing the new labour law this week

Gamal Essam El-Din , Saturday 12 Feb 2022

The Senate – Egypt's consultative upper house of parliament – will reconvene on Sunday and Monday to resume the discussion of the country's new government-drafted labour law.

Egypt s upper consultative house
File Photo: Egypt s upper consultative house. Al-Ahram

The Senate has so far discussed and approved 245 articles out of a total 267. The discussions over the past month covered major issues such as child labour, women labour, strikes and minimum and maximum wages. The remaining 22 articles are related to work hours and government supervision of labour conditions and whether supervisors should have judicial powers.

If passed by senators this week, the draft law will be referred to the House of Representatives for final discussion and to be voted on there.

Meanwhile, the Senate's committees will hold meetings on Sunday and Monday to discuss a number of other important issues. The Senate's Foreign, Arab and African Affairs Committee will hold a hearing session on Sunday on the future of Egyptian-Russian relations and how to promote them.

The Senate's Financial and Economic Affairs Committee will discuss the new government-drafted Insurance Law. The law aims to draw up new and comprehensive rules for regulating the insurance industry and market in Egypt.

The Legislative and Constitutional Affairs Committee will meet Monday to discuss a new law aimed at simplifying procedures of filing lawsuits before courts.

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