Mohamed Ali Palace in Shubra receives artefacts for display ahead of official opening

Nevine El-Aref , Wednesday 16 Feb 2022

The Mohamed Ali Palace in Shubra has received a number of artefacts that had once adorned its halls and walls, in preparation for its official opening soon after the completion of its development and restoration project.

Mohamed Ali Palace

Among these pieces is a large ebony piano inlaid with bronze ornaments that was specially made for Khedive Ismail in 1865 and then inherited by his son, prince Hassan.

The piano was moved from the Shubra palace by the grandchildren of Prince Hassan, who had inherited it and kept it until the death of the last granddaughter, Naglaa. The piano was then moved from her apartment in the Garden City neighborhood to Prince Muhammad Ali Palace in Manial until the completion of the restoration of the Mohamed Ali Shubra Palace, where it will be displayed in a permanent exhibit.

The piano was produced by the German Grotrian-Steinweg company. It is made of ebony inlaid with bronze. It is based on three legs connected to each other, and its sides and legs are decorated with metal ornaments. In its front there is a special playing unit topped by a cover.

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