45 films from 35 countries to be screened at 11th Luxor African Film Festival

Ahram Online , Friday 18 Feb 2022

45 films from 35 African countries will participate in four competitions of the upcoming Luxor African Film Festival (LAFF) scheduled to take place between 4 and 10 March 2022


The details about the festival’s programming were announced during a press conference which took place Wednesday

The event was attended by: Mahmoud Hemida (Luxor African Film Festival’s Honorary President), scriptwriter Sayed Fouad (LAFF’s Founder and Chairman), and Azza El-Husseini (LAFF’s founder and executive director)

Within the long narratives’ competition, 10 films will be screened: 2 Midan Talaat Harb (Egypt) by Magdi Ahmed Ali, Habiba (Morocco) by Hassan Ben Galoon, Zawjat Haffar Al-Qobour (Somalia) by Khadar Ahmed, Al-Itifak (Cameroon) by Lia Malli and Franck Thierry, Arjou (Algeria) by Omar Qasim, Masoud (Burkina Faso) by Emmanuel Rotobam, Ibtaid (Nigeria) by Stanley Oqouhwari, Maria Cristo (Zambia) by Paul S. Willow, Tawalt Ifriqia Al-A’am (Ghana) by Coffy Ofoso Yeboa, and Mashia Le Jahanam (Tunisia) by Asmahan Lahmar

The jury of this segment includes director Moussa Touré (Senegal), director Yousry Nasrallah (Egypt), director Apolline Traoré (Burkina Faso), critic Kamal Ben Wanas (Tunisia), and actor Jimmy Jean-Louis (Haiti)

The long documentaries’ competition includes 11 titles: Najmt Al-Sabbah (Madagascar) by director Nantanina Lova, Kelab Al-Akeed Al-Dalah (South Africa - Libya) by Khaled Shams, Makan Yusama Wahala (Togo) by Jurgin Allingus, Faya Daye (Ethiopia) by Jessica Bashir, Kasongo (Congo) by George Senga, Ya’khouz Al-Nemaa Shakhs (South Africa) by Mr. and Mrs. Landoy Machkezi, Al-Thahab Wa Mal (Mali) by Eric Revo, Al-Malgaa Al-Akhir (Mali) by Osmane Smaseko, Shokhous Alamna El-Tahty (Egypt) by Haitham Sherif, Al-Alikat (Morocco) by Myriam, and El-Osoud El-Awagez (Egypt) by Ibrahim Abbas

Five renowned filmmakers are on this section’s jury: director Katie Needy (Senegal), critic Phoebe Curry (Uganda), director of photography Mahmoud Abd El-Samie (Egypt), director Mohamed Seyam (Egypt), and director Peter Sedovia (Ghana)

15 films will take part in the short films competition: Azma Qalbia (South Africa) by Menhli Luthuli, 16 Jawla (Uganda) by Usama Mukawya, Nesf Rouh (Tunisia) by Marwan Traboulsi, Maa Al-Salama Damar (Ghana) by David Edem Ditib, Minizi (Togo) by Elizabeth Blackung Limo, Khayt Rafie (Morocco) by Wegdan Khaled, Balat Al-Malek (Gabon) by Amimdeh Bakum Ncolo, Ayna Ana (Angola) by Dennis Mayala, Baby Bloz (Senegal - France) by Diop Mamamdou, Nakon Izaman (Rwanda) by Denis Valerie Ndayishimi, Batoul (Egypt) by Mohamed Zahran, Odteen Wa Salah (Egypt) by Mina Maher, Ganaza Harrah (Egypt) by Mohamed Mahmoud, El-Wosoul Motaakhir (Egypt) by Duha Hamdi, and Khareta (Egypt) by Maggi Mourgan

The winners will be chosen by jury consisting of director Khaled El-Haggar (Egypt), director Fatomato Coulibaly (Mali), critic Ahmed Shawqy, director Daoud Wilad Al-Sayed (Morocco), and actress Ghalia Ben Ali (Tunisia)

The Diaspora competition will screen nine films: Tefl Shakhs Akhar (France) by Patricia Quindi, Kol Al-Layali (Tunisia - France) by Latifa Saeed, Imbratoryat Al-Samt (France) by Thierry Michel, Prince (Germany) by Lisa Bererworth, Sout Zohour Qasb Al-Sukkar (France) by Nicolas Sri, Ba’yedan Biqadr Ma Astatie Al-Sayr (Serbia - France) by Stefan Arsenjevik, Ghad Moshreq (France) by Yassin Qenya, Molouk Al-Romba (USA - Peru) by Alan Brin, and Salawat Dalfin (Cameroon) by Rosen Mbakam

The jury members include director Rachid Mashharawi (Palestine), producer Doura Bouchoucha (Tunisia), and actor Ahmed Magdi (Egypt).

This year, the LAFF will also launch a new segment called Rediscovering Egypt which will focus on awarding the best three videos showing the Egyptian landscapes. The entry to the competition is through a dedicated hashtag that will be followed by the jury committee

In its 11thh edition, LAFF honors late Senegalese director Djibril Diop Mambéty and grants iconic star Hussein Fahmy the Lifetime Achievement Award

The LAFF dedicates its 11th edition to: Egyptian actress Huda Sultan, Egyptian actor Mahmoud Moursy, and Moroccan director Mohamed Ismail

The festival will also honor Egyptian actor Amr Saad, Burkinabe filmmaker Apolline Traoré, Algerian artist Biyouna, and Tunisian director Férid Boughedir

Uganda is chosen as the guest of honour

Besides film screenings, the LAFF will also hold numerous workshops including film directing by Ahmed Rashwan, children’s cinema by Shwikar Khalifa, actors’ preparation by Al-Asaad Al-Jamousi, film posters by Zainab Soubhi, manufacturing heritage boats by Saeed Al-Bagouri, theatrical storytelling workshop for women by Eman Shahin, mural drawing competition by Dr. Ahmed Hamdi, and children’s drawing competition by Wael Nour.

Three art exhibitions will be held during the festival’s days: a photographic exhibition, plastic artists exhibition and honorees posters exhibition.

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