Egypt, France start multi-day drills 'Ramses 2022'

Ahmed Eleiba , Monday 21 Feb 2022

Egyptian and French naval and air forces have started joint military exercises dubbed ‘Ramses 2022’ in Egypt, the Egyptian military spokesman said in a statement on Monday.

Ramses 2022

The multi-day drills involve the participation of the French navy’s aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle and its accompanying combat groups, in addition to a number of Rafale fighter jets.

From the Egyptian side, a formation of frigates, missile launchers and special troops from the naval forces, in addition to a number of F-16 fighters, multi-tasked Rafale fighter jets and MiG-29 jets are participating, according to the statement.

The drills include a number of military activities to train the naval and air forces of both countries in planning and management of joint combat operations so as to unify operational concepts, hone field skills, exchange combat expertise as well as prepare to carry out joint missions.

The Ramses 2022 drills are part of the increasing partnerships and military cooperation between the Egyptian and French armed forces to overcome any challenges in the region and secure vital objectives in the Mediterranean, the statement said.

The training activities were attended by a number of top military brass and the French military attaché in Cairo.

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