Pencil Designs Create the New Brand Identity for "Nova" after over 40 years of its establishment

Advertorial, Wednesday 23 Feb 2022


Pencil Designs”, one of the leading Egyptian agencies specialized in brand identity design, has recently announced a new partnership with “Standard Industrial” company to rebrand its long-standing electric home appliances brand “Nova” which was among the first manufacturers of washing machines in the Egyptian market since 1977. The decision to create a new brand identity for “Nova” aimed primarily at refreshing the outdated and inconsistent identity and giving the brand and its products a new and distinctive look-and-feel to set it apart of competition and cement its positioning in the target buyers’ minds.

Mr. Moneer Kilany CEO at “Pencil Designs” said: We’re very pleased with our partnership and creative cooperation with “Standard Industrial” to rebrand and re-launch its time-honored and iconic brand “Nova”; one of the oldest home-grown brands that has, for decades, pioneered the household and electronic products and appliances in the Egyptian market. The new brand identity came after a careful study of the brand’s history, personality and positioning combined with the future to-be vision of the management.

"From the onset of the project, we’ve planned for the new brand identity to emphasize the futuristic business and marketing vision of the company while preserving the long heritage and track record of the “Nova” brand since its establishment back in 1977" Moneer Kilany said.

Like many other long-standing brands, the decision to move away from the original and more familiar brand identity is not an easy one. After all, it’s a visual identity that has, for decades, been seen and recognized by millions of consumers in the market. It has also been printed on thousands of cartons, packages, and stationery items. Nova was no exception, the company’s management together with the Pencil Design’s team of branding specialists have dwelled and studied the situation from all possible angles until a decision was made to go for a complete rebrand.

“The decision was primarily based on the new target brand personality characteristics, core values and positioning envisioned for the future of the brand. The old identity simply did not fulfill these aspirations in addition to looking outdated, inconsistent and less innovative when compared to other close competitors in the market. The old brand was not reflecting the advanced technology and tip-top quality measures that go into the production of Nova’s products and had to change” remarked Mr. Kilany.

The new logo design for Nova combined several visual elements in a circular iconic emblem. Keeping the distinctive red color of the original brand, the new logo mark implied a part of a Star which is a major association with the meaning of the word “Nova” while also emphasizing the notion of Leadership and Success. The logo mark also embraces an “N” letter and an electric spark for those who would ponder more deeply. The new Arabic and English typeface of the logo have also been a great improvement over the old logo with more modern, fresh and technological vibes.

The new brand identity was launched late 2021 and appeared on the various touchpoints of the brand including company’s own stationery and print materials and products packaging/cartons. Touch points also included digital channels like the company’s online shop and social channels as well as outdoor channels such as shop facades and as metro stations Ad campaign.

Brief about Pencil Designs:

Pencil Designs is a digitally-focused branding and UX agency based in Cairo, Egypt. We craft beautiful, unique & exciting brand experiences helping businesses express ideas, state positioning, design products and go-live.

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