Collection of 13 gigantic colossi arrive safely to GEM

Nevine El-Aref , Monday 28 Feb 2022

The Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) received on Monday a collection of gigantic colossi from the Egyptian museum in Tahrir that includes a pair of statues of the Ancient Egyptian gods Amun-Re and Mut, a red granite column of king Ramses II, a limestone statue of the goddess Isis holding her son — Horus — along with other gigantic artefacts.


El-Tayeb Abbas, the assistant to the tourism minister for archaeological affairs at the GEM, said that every object was accurately examined and a report on its current condition has been drafted.

Furthermore, Eissa Zidan — the executive director for restoration and transportation of objects at the GEM — explained that the transportation process was very critical because of the tall and large size of the colossi.

For example, the pair of statues of Amun and Mut are 4 metres tall, 186 centimetres wide, and 169 centimetres deep — a matter that has led to the study of the scheduled transportation route and the removal of any obstacles that could get in the shipment’s way.

The colossus was reassembled on a metal structure in the late 1990s by the German archaeological mission headed by Hourig Sourouzian. 

All the pieces of the colossus were installed in their original position; however, the missing segments were kept empty to be added later in the event they are found.


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