Angham to hold concert at Cairo Opera House on Mother’s Day

Eslam Omar , Tuesday 1 Mar 2022

Egyptian renowned singer Angham will be holding a concert on Mother’s Day at the Cairo Opera House on Monday 21 March, performing a selection from her well-memorised repertoire.


Accompanied by her ensemble, Angham, 50, is expected to perform some of her hits, including ‘Omry Maak’, ‘Hala Khasa Geddan’, ‘Ya Retak Fahemny’, ‘Bein El-Benein’, ‘Albak’, ‘Baatly Nazra’, ‘Sidi Wisalak.’

Angham, who performed at Abdeen Palace last weekend, has in recent months released ‘Hateshtaou’, ‘Wi Nefdal Norkos’, and ‘Ana Be3toh Keter.’

She also released a Mother’s Day song last year called ‘Waddoni A’and Ommy’, which was written by Aziz El-Shafei and included a children’s choir that boosted its emotional influence.

The Cairo Conservatory graduate launched her career beside her father in the late 1980s before embarking on her own independent path, achieving wide popularity across the Arab region with over two dozen successful albums.

Monday 21 March, at 8pm
Cairo Opera House’s Main Hall, Zamalek

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