878 Egyptian university students in Ukraine applied to complete studies in Egypt: Ministry

Ahram Online , Tuesday 22 Mar 2022

A total of 878 Egyptian students in Ukraine have submitted their papers, as of Monday, to complete their studies in Egypt and will sit through an exam by the Supreme Council of Universities, said the Ministry of Emigration and Egyptian Expatriates Affairs.

Nabila Makram
Emigration Minister Nabila Makram on Tuesday (Photo courtesy of Egyptian Emigration Ministry)


The ministry noted that 24 March is the final date for accepting applications.

According to a report received by Emigration Minister Nabila Makram on the latest updates on Egyptian students returning from Ukraine, applicants are from the disciplines of medicine, pharmacy, dentistry and engineering.

Students, who have submitted their papers will take the exam to determine their abilities and the disciplines in which they will continue their studies. The dates of the exams will be announced successively.

This number is out of 2,179 Egyptian students that were previously reported to have filled out a government form to transfer to private and national Egyptian universities.

Students must have proof of their prior enrollment in Ukrainian universities; they have up to three months to obtain the required documents.

To submit the documents, students will have to visit the ministry’s headquarters at 96 Ahmed Oraby street in Giza’s Agouza district from 10am to 3pm Sunday through Thursday, Makram said.

Egyptian students in Ukraine can fill out the form here.

So far, 71 students with incomplete papers will go directly to the Maritime Transport Academy in Alexandria, while the rest of the students from business administration and humanities majors will apply directly to private universities to complete their studies.

For her part, Makram offered assurances that the ministry is coordinating with all relevant authorities in the presence of representatives from private and national, non-profit Egyptian universities.

This is in accordance with the regulations approved by the cabinet and in cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, in implementation of the directives of President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi to ensure Egyptian students coming from Ukraine are able to enroll in universities and continue their education.

Makram announced on Tuesday that there will be unified form for students in Russia as well and is communicating with them to check on their conditions in light of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, according to another statement by the emigration ministry.

Makram held a Zoom meeting with the Egyptian students in Russia in cooperation with Ministry of Emigration Dialogue Centre for Egyptians Studying Abroad (MEDCE) in Russia and Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Khaled Abdel-Ghaffar to stay ahead of their needs.

Students in Russia expressed the challenges they face, especially in the issue of remittances and money withdrawal via credit cards, in addition to the difficulty in paying school fees or renewing their passport, the statement added.

In response to students’ demands, Makram explained that students must fill the form accurately and promptly. The form includes all the details of students’ academic year, the city in which they reside, and whether they have proof of enrollment from their academic institution or not.

The form for Egyptian students in Russia is available here.

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