Ukraine accuses Moscow of weaponizing hunger

AP , Wednesday 6 Apr 2022

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has accused Russia of using hunger as a weapon of war by deliberately targeting Ukraine's essential food supplies.

Chernigiv, Ukraine
A destroyed building is pictured in Chernigiv on April 5, 2022, amid Russian invasion of Ukraine. AFP

In an address to Irish lawmakers Wednesday, Zelenskyy said Russian forces ``are destroying things that are sustaining livelihoods'' including food storage depots, blocking ports so Ukraine could not export food and ``putting mines into the fields.''

``For them hunger is also a weapon, a weapon against us ordinary people,'' he said, accusing Russia of ``deliberately provoking a food crisis'' in Ukraine, a major global producer of staples including wheat and sunflower oil.

He said it would have international ramifications, because ``there will be a shortage of food and the prices will go up, and this is reality for the millions of people who are hungry, and it will be more difficult for them to feed their families.''

Zelenskyy spoke by video to a joint session of Ireland's two houses of parliament, the latest in a string of international addresses he has used to rally support for Ukraine.

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