National Dialogue to run in 'a neutral and impartial way' among all segments of society: Training Academy

Ahram Online , Tuesday 10 May 2022

The National Training Academy (NTA) said on Tuesday that the National Dialogue between the government and political and youth currents would be be run in a neutral and impartial way among all segments of society that will be invited to participate.

National Training Academy


During the annual Egyptian Family Iftar banquet in late April, El-Sisi assigned the National Youth Conference, which is organised by the NTA, to conduct a political dialogue on the current priorities of national action and to present its outcomes to him personally.

According to the NTA, it will moderate the national dialogue with the utmost impartiality and neutrality.

The academy added in its statement that its role will be coordinating different segments in the dialogue in a neutral manner without intervening in the content or the topic in order to allow for a "serious and effective" national dialogue among all political forces.

The NTA said that the dialogue between different political forces in Egypt will be an important step in determining the priorities of national action that inaugurates a new republic that accepts everybody.

The academy stated that it would broaden the base of participation in the dialogue by inviting representatives from as many segments of Egyptian society and institutions as possible.

This will ensure that the dialogue has credibility and achieves real momentum, inaugurating a new phase in Egyptian politics that moves past the "exceptional situation" of the recent past when the state faced threats and security risks.

The NTA also announced that diversity will be taken into account when determining the locations to hold the dialogue sessions so they would cover most of the regions in Egypt.

A joint impartial committee will also be formed from think tanks to compile the outcomes of the national dialogue in a preliminary unified document agreed upon by all participating all political forces and groups.

This document will then be submitted to the president, as per his request.

Several political parties, groups and forces have already welcomed the national dialogue as well as the reactivation of the Presidential Pardon committee that was announced in the same event last April alongside the release of a number of pretrial detainees.

Meanwhile, a number of opposition parties in the Civil Democratic Movement issued a statement on Sunday announced they would participate in the national dialogue on a number of conditions to ensure its seriousness. These conditions include that the dialogue be held under the direct umbrella of the presidency; a parity in the number of representatives from the authorities and the opposition in the dialogue; and the inclusion of the issues of democratic political reforms, economic and social justice reforms as well as human rights reforms in the process.

The Civil Democratic Movement includes the Nasserist El-Karama party, Socialist Popular Alliance Party, The Conservative Party and the Constitution Party.

A registration form those those wishing to participate in the national dialogue can be found on the Website of National Youth Conference.

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