Egyptian trio Teryola to perform their first concert in Cairo

Ahram Online , Sunday 5 Jun 2022

Following their success in Germany and Alexandria, the trio Teryola will perform their first concert in Cairo this week.

Teryola in the concert at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, April 2022 (Photo: Maged Makram)


Founded by Hany Elbadry who also performs on nay in Teryola, the trio also features Mohamed Esam on piano and Mohamed Arafa on percussions.

Teryola's Cairo concert will also feature a guest singer, Aya Khalifa.

Hany El-Badry is an Egyptian musician specialising in nay, an end-blown flute known in Middle Eastern music. El-Badry’s skill and creativity is also reflected in his work as a composer with over 100 compositions to his name in which he showcases his boundless musical freedom and imagination. El-Badry was awarded an Egyptian culture ministry’s award as a leading nay player in 2004, while in 2017 he was awarded the State Encouragement Award.

Coming from a family of percussionists, Mohamed Arafa is a well-rounded Egyptian percussionist whose experience and studies allowed him to master both Western classical and Oriental percussion. He gave his first solo performance on the darbuka as a three-year-old child in 1997 in one of the Arabic Music Festival’s concerts at the Cairo Opera House. He then studied piano at the Cairo Conservatory for seven years, before moving to Western percussion section.

Pianist Mohamed Esam is among the founding members of marimba player Nesma Abdel Aziz Ensemble. Together with the ensemble, Esam performed in over 34 countries in the Arab world, Europe and Asia. He also performs with numerous other ensembles including those with the Cairo Symphony Orchestra and the Sound of Egypt Orchestra.

Aya Khalifa is a young pianist who is also interested in an Oriental singing repertoire. She is a member of the A Cappella choir at the Cairo Opera House.

Teryola, which name comes from the Egyptian take on the French word “Triolet” (a three-note pattern in music notation) held their first ever concert at the prestigious Pierre Boulez Hall in Berlin, Germany in March 2022.

This was followed by a first concert in Egypt, at Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Alexandria in April.

The trio focuses on Arabic compositions, mainly those written by Elbadry over the past two decades, topped with works by other Arabic composers as arranged by the nay player.

However, while looking at the traditional musical formats known to the region, Elbadry challenges the established canons, allowing the music and the musicians to move freely between the structures and melodies.

The trio will perform some of Elbadry's staple compositions such as Shahinaz, Noun, Longa Hojaz, alongside Just in the Memory by Mohamed Fouad, From My Sweetheart’s Braids by Ammar El Sherei, among numerous other works by Elbadry and other composers. 

Friday 10 June, 8pm
Cairo Opera House, small hall, Zamalek
Tickets price EGP 110. 
Tickets can be purchased through a TicketsMall or at the entry to the Cairo Opera.

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