Egypt’s trade unions, leftist political parties to hold conference on national dialogue

Gamal Essam El-Din , Tuesday 14 Jun 2022

Egypt’s Justice Party (‘El-Adl’) announced on Tuesday that it will sponsor the ‘Second Workers’ Conference’ in Alexandria on Friday in preparation for the national dialogue that is scheduled for July.

Medhat El-Zahed
Chairperson of the Socialist Alliance Medhat El-Zahed


The party’s statement pointed out that representatives from Egypt’s trade unions and six leftist political parties — the Dignity Party (‘El-Karama’), the Arab Nasserist Party, the Constitution Party (‘El-Destour’), the Justice Party, the Socialist Alliance, and the Egyptian Freedom Party — will attend the conference, which will be held at the headquarters of the Arab Nasserist Party.

The statement indicated that Mohamed Hamed, the head of the Trade Union of Workers at Portland Cement, will act as the conference’s rapporteur.

It also explained that the objective of the conference is to help workers and leftist political parties in Egypt reach a unified agenda on political and economic reform during the national dialogue, which will kick off in the first week of July.

Abdel-Moneim Imam, the head of the Justice Party, said: “The government is adopting massive privatisation plans that could have a negative impact on workers, and we want to be one voice in this conference and reach a unified agenda on how to lobby for the interests and demands of workers during the national dialogue.”

Meanwhile, Chairperson of the Socialist Alliance Medhat El-Zahed said in a statement on Monday that “Egypt is in a pressing need for a serious political dialogue that can tackle crises and challenges facing the country.”

“This dialogue could be a golden opportunity for creating an open political society, but only if it is held in a democratic atmosphere and without discrimination among political parties,” said the statement, adding that “the dialogue should reactivate Article 5 of the 2014 constitution, which states that Egypt’s political system is based on political multilateralism, party-based pluralism, and peaceful rotation of power through fair and free elections.”

The statement also stipulated that some guarantees should precede the national dialogue.

“Foremost among these are that laws on pre-trial detention must be amended, the ban on opposition websites be lifted, and all political prisoners released,” it said.

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